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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I started working at an Amazon Fulfillment Center on 28 Oct. It is a VERY physically demanding job! I wear my Fitbit every work day and I work 4 ten hour days. Most days I get more than 17,000 steps and last Saturday I got more than 24,000. I weighed 145.5 when I started and today I weigh 129.4. I need to post an updated picture.

I was wearing size 10 jeans when I started working there and now I am in size 8 jeans. I can wear most of my size small button up shirts and am wearing a smaller size bra.

I have to eat more food than I was to keep up my energy but am eating wizely.  I'm not vegetarian anymore. I found that I was being lazy and eating too many WHITE carbs and was actually gaining weight instead of losing it. My first weight goal is 120, the top of my healthy range and my final goal is 105.

Oh! I want an air fryer so I can eat healthy fried foods.

I'll keep posting updates


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