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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Detour Almost Recovered

I was down 2.6lbs tonight.  I still have .8lb to make up to be back where I was before the two weeks of gains.  But I learned, again, that if you want the plan to work, you have to work the plan.
Also I picked up the "Tastier Than Takeout" cookbook.  It has some delectible looking recipies in it.

So I have gotten more than 10 sticks of butter back off and still have more than 3 to go to have recovered from the detour.  I will get there and move on.  I know I said I don't care how long it takes to lose this weight but I really don't have to sabotage myself and make it take longer than it needs to. 

I have booked a 5 day vacation for just me at Sanibel Island.  I have a studio type condo with a small furnished kitchen so I will be able to cook meals and stay on plan while enjoying the beach!!.  It also has a screened balcony.  Woot!  Can't wait!.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

There once was a girl named Paula........

There once was a girl named Paula who thought she had this Weight Watchers thing down pat and didn't need to follow all of the rules....Well, I weighed in tonight knowing it was not going to be pleasant. I haven't worked out this week, I haven't weighed or measured my food as I was doing when I was successful. And I wasn't getting in my Good Health Guidelines (healthy oils, fruits and veggies, dairy servings). As a result of all of this I am up 2.8lbs this week. And that added to the .6lbs that I was up last week means that I have to get back OP (on plan) and start losing again. I have to lose at least 21.6 lbs now to get to my highest healthy weight. OK, I'm back to work on this again. And that is almost 14 sticks of butter that are back on me.  YUCK!!  They have to go!                             

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekly Weigh In - Woot!

So this afternoon was the first weigh in for April and I'm down another pound for a total of 17 pounds or 68 sticks of butter. Two more pounds and my BMI will be 28 down from 32 when I started on December 4. And I'm now 33.2 pounds from goal.  Woot!Woot!