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Friday, January 4, 2008

WOW,another week gone and I wish I could knit more. (0r what do I do about the babies?)

Only worked 3 days this week and it seemed like forever and at the same time flew by. I have almost finished the second Lucy bag. I should finish the knitting this weekend and cast on the third one.

I really need to get busy on two of the other projects I have listed in Ravelry. One of them is my daughter's graduation sweater or she will be thirty when she gets it (today is her 28th birthday) and the Patti Sweater. The Patti sweater is for a class and we have to have the lower back panel and lower front panels and the lower part of the sleeves. The pattern is from one from the Noro Revisited and is called Bettna.

More later....

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Found something else I have to have!

Well I got the MP3 player and took it off my wishlist. I love it. I definitely will use it. I am still learning how to do things to it and with it.

Now I will add an upcoming DVD from Schoolhouse Press,Inc. Meg is doing a DVD on the Rib Warmer. Gotta have it.

I have challenged my best friend, Grandma Disney, to complete at least one knitting or crocheting project a month in 2008. They don't have to be projects that have been started in 2008, just finished in 2008. So far have finished 2 this year. I completed the knitting last year and wove in the ends this week.

I will get quite a bit of knitting done this weekend because I am on call starting at 10PM tomorrow night.



I cast on the second Lucy Bag (called Kenten's Lucy Bag on Ravelry) on Tuesday. It is now more than 70% done. The knitting will be done tomorrow or Saturday. I want to be able to cast on the third one by Sunday.

Woohoo! The 3 Lucy Bags will be part of my 12 projects completed in 2008 and two of them are either birthday or Christmas presents for this year. I'm on a roll!